Quick remote shell in Kubernetes Cluster

How to quickly debug anything on cluster? You can quickly run any linux oci image using kubectl :
Jak szybko zdebugować coś na klastrze? Nic trudnego wystarczy odpalić poda na zdalnej maszynie przy wykorzystaniu kubectl:

kubectl run shell --rm -i --tty --image ubuntu -- bash

kubectl run - Create and run a particular image in a pod.
shell - pod name
--rm - delete resources created in this command for attached containers.
-i - Keep stdin open on the container(s) in the pod, even if nothing is attached.
--tty - Allocated a TTY for each container in the pod.
--image - The image for the container to run.
ubuntu - ubuntu image name
-- bash - command to run.

And that is it :) After disconnecting pod should be automatically removed!

Wojciech Woźniak

Wojciech Woźniak